Training at the preparatory faculty (Pre-university training) – Медицинское образование в Украине для иностранных граждан

Training at the preparatory faculty (Pre-university training)

Company “INSIDE-A” Ltd. provides services on training of the preparatory faculty for foreign citizens.

Training program includes pre-university training, aimed to gain admission to the universities in Ukraine.

Foreign citizens will be offered with either of the below training:
• Medical training
• Technical training

On the preparatory division foreign students study Russian and special disciplines depending on the requirements for future profession (language, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, informatics, etc.)

Term of training:
3\6\10 months.

Upon a successful completion of preparatory program, students will be issued with a graduation certificate from the preparatory faculty and they will be qualified to enter any University in Ukraine.

For invitation letter:
You should send the following documents on e-mail:
• Scanned copy of passport
• Scanned copy of previous education certificate
• Scanned copy of enclosure to the education certificate

Terms of invitation issuance:
3-5 business days.

Fee for the delivery of invitation letter original via DHL/TNT, FedEx or EMS (for visa countries) is $100.

Invitation letter is a main document for students going to study in Ukrainian university. It contains information about full name of a candidate, date of birth, visa country, name of the higher educational institution, speciality, information about the recruitment company.

We draw your attention that according to the legal requirements of Ukraine, providence of invitation letter original, issued by the higher educational institution and registered in the order, established by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine for visa issuing in diplomatic mission or consular office of Ukraine abroad is obligatory.

Tuition fee breakdown

Invitation LetterSingle Fee
• for non-visa countries$50
• for visa countries$100
Temporary residence permitSingle Fee
• including insurance$600
HostelMonthly Fee
• room for 2 or 3 persons$50-$70
Consulting service of our firmSingle Fee
Airport pick-up/transferSingle Fee
Training on the preparatory facultySingle Fee
• 3 months$650
• 6 months$900
• 10 months$1300

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