Медицинское образование в Украине для иностранных граждан – Медицинское образование в Украине? С нами нет ничего проще!

Higher medical education in the best HEIs of Ukraine

Education in Ukraine has passed the stage of reforming after the adoption of the Bologna system, which allowed the educational process to be adapted to the requirements of the European Union. Future health professionals in the country today are being trained in higher medical and pharmaceutical institutions, which have from the I to IV level of accreditation. 12 medical universities, 2 medical academies, the National Medical University, and also three academies of postgraduate education are successfully functioning in Ukraine. In addition, the education of foreigners in Ukraine is being successfully conducted in 64 medical colleges, 47 medical schools and their affiliates, and two institutes of nurses. The number of graduates from higher Ukrainian medical institutions is increasing every year: from 4,543 people in 2006 to 13555 in 2017!

The Ukrainian diploma is widely recognized abroad, professional training of graduates of medical HEIs of Ukraine is highly regarded by foreign employers.

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